Nycole's Room Organization

Hey Everyone!  About 5 months ago our family moved to Utah (of all places) to start a new life.  We initially came because Josh got a fantastic job here and then eventually I found one myself.  In the meantime I got fed up with the state of the kids bedrooms.  I first worked on Turin's room, and then I worked on Nycole's disaster, I mean room.

I don't have any before photos to show you unfortunately.  Yes I know, I fail as a blogger.  But the afters are what really make it, don't they?  When you first walk into her room you'll see her bed in the corner with her dresser next to her bed acting as a faux nightstand.

Next to her bed is her brown bin that holds all her nick nacks.  Such as her bookmarks, her hairstyle books, her flashlight, her lost tooth bag and piggie bank.  Below that is her three drawer organizer that holds her jewelry, her nail polish and "lip gloss" and then her writing stuff.

Also on top of her dresser is her bakery we made her for Christmas.  Right now it's acting as a weight for the dresser.  If for some reason she opens all the drawers, the dresser won't fall over on her because the bakery is a big enough counterweight (I tested it myself by pulling out all the drawers).  We're trying not to damage this apartment too much in the anticipation of moving out in the fall.

In her closet is her barbie house is on the left and then her dresses on the right.  Together, Nycki and I paired down to her favorite dress up dresses.  Underneath the dresses is the barbie accessories organizer and the car next to that.  On the top shelf she has her keepsakes, cowboy boots, sweaters that she rarely wears (my hot blooded child), craft stuff, and a special book from her great grandma.

On the wall opposite of her bed is her cube system.  We used to have it in the closet, but she would just drag stuff out and never put anything back because it was so hard to get to.  On the top are some of the things I made for her American Girl doll, the fireplace, the bakery stand, the tv, and the dresser I made in elementary school.  Her basket with her ikea tea set is on top along with her lamp and palace pet collection.  Her hair tool box is next to her cube system, which makes it super accessible to take wherever we end up doing her hair.

The bins in the cube system all still need labels.  In the left picture below you'll see her lego bin, doc mcstuffins bags, miscellaneous things, baby doll stuff, and dress up stuff.  In the picture on the right you'll see her bistro set (still need to paint the chairs), her books, and her bins for her American Girl doll stuff.  The American Girl accessories bin still bothers me, but it'll get better eventually.  She's growing out of the baby doll stuff. So that might be the next thing to go soon. And then I can divide the accessories bin into that.

Her room is so much more organized to suit her use of it.  The pink bins from dollar store are good and sturdy and bring out her girly side too!  If you're interested in seeing anything in more detail or have a question, please feel free to comment below!

Thanks so much!

Have fun!


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