DIY Willow Tree Creche

Hey Everyone!  Maybe I'll have better luck today.  I got halfway through my post and lovely blogger deleted the thing for no apparent reason.  What I have to share with you today is something I'm really loving!  It's my own DIY Willow Tree Creche (aka manger).  Josh and I received a beautiful Willow Tree nativity set for our wedding.  We absolutely love it!  To keep it safe we keep it on the mantel away from little hands.  We also received the ox and goat from my mom a couple years ago, we're slowly building our nativity collection.  I love the idea of the manger with the nativity.  So when I saw the Creche that goes with the collection I was in love.  BUT, then I saw the price tag.  I went down into my scrap wood pile and found some boards that would work!

I had Josh rip cut a couple boards to 6 1/2 inches and 6 inches exactly.  I based all my measurements on the depth of my mantel.  The Willow Tree Creche would have overhung my mantel and would not have worked for us.


Then I figured out how I wanted to set up my nativity scene once everything was done.

I went to work and used my favorite tool, the kreg jig, to attach the 1x2s that I had cut to be 15 inches long.  Don't forget to sand everything before you start putting things together.

Next, I cut a piece of 1x2 and again used my kreg jig to attach it to the 15 inch 1x2s.  This gave the structure some stability.

Then I added another piece laying down on top of the whole thing and gave it a 1/2 inch overhang.  I also used my kreg jig here too.

I cut my triangle using my miter saw and then glued it onto the top with hot glue.

I took two 1/4 inch thicl boards and my exacto knift and ruler to make cuts on the front to give them a paneled look.  Then I glued these boards onto the back as well.  Turin thought it was a cool building for his Spider-man.  Sorry buddy!

Next it was time to stain.  I chose this Rustoleum Stain called driftwood.  It's amazing stuff.  Rub it on and it's dry in an hour.

I found this olive branch star shaped thing at Joann's on sale.  It turned out to be perfect to be the star above the manger.

And that was it!  Here it is in all it's glory!

Stay tuned for more details on our DIY Willow Tree Nativity!


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