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Playground Revamp

Hey Everyone!  How are you doing?  I just finished the kitchen, and also the Master Bathroom (reveal coming soon!), but now I'm switching gears and heading outside.  When Lowe's had a sale on picket fence posts, I urged Josh to get them, saving us about $20.  Because I'm massively impatient, I jumped right in and started working on it.  This is what we had to work with.

My first order of business was to sand and stain the inside of the upstairs section.  It took me three hours to do this part after working a 10hr shift and teaching the kids in the morning.  I woke up that night with a severely sore shoulder, so I'd recommend doing all this in chunks rather then the whole bunch that I did.  Luckily that day I had LOADS of help!  Kids from before had written their names all over the inside and Nycki didn't like that.  So I had her help me with the sanding to remove the names.

The next day I sanded and stained the outside of the playground including the swing area on th…

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