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Playground Reveal

Hey Everyone!  Hope you are all have been doing well!  We've been extremely busy with life and adjusting to all the changes that have been occurring.  The kids have started school, which has been quite an adjustment. With all the moving we thought it would be best to homeschool them for the past two years.  Homeschooling is very rewarding, but TONS of work!  Cuddos to all the peeps out there that can do that every day!  The one big project we did manage to accomplish this summer was the playground.  If you remember from before it wasn't the most stable of playgrounds.  All the weed whacking over the years had taken chunks out of the legs.

The stain was in rough shape, there were names all over the inside, and the wood was feeling rough.  The one good news was that all the plastic pieces were in really good condition.  Once the bottom was all framed out, I started nailing in the picket fence boards with our 16g nail gun.  I used the level to make sure the boards were all level w…

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