Hair Tool Box

Hey Everyone!  Do you have a little girl?  Does she have long flowing locks or short pixies?  I have a little Rapunzel on my hands and I love to do her hair, but it's such a pain to gather everything and have it be easily accessed.  I was venturing through Walmart looking for something that would work for this problem.  Snapware would be such a pain because you have to separate each section and a cart is not useful to us now.  We're just starting to get into this hair thing.  But what I did find was a girlie tool box!

It was only $8.88 at my Walmart.  I like how it's pink on the bottom and sparkly gray on the top.  It helps it be more girlie and not so bad to look at when it's sitting on her dresser.  I love how it has trays and a large section on the bottom for bigger things.  This is what I started with.

I had the tray in the bathroom on the shelf.  It held anything and everything.  The two jewelry boxes held all the other hair ties and everything else.  First I emptied all of these out and sorted everything into their categories.  Then I decided where I wanted to put everything.

In the top tray is the comb we use all the time, the clear hair ties we use when we do our special hairdo's, black hair ties, and colored hair ties.  I'd like to get some colored elastic hair ties eventually, she'll probably get them for Christmas in her stocking.

In the second tray is her nail polishes on the left.  She paints her own toes!  Then her bobby pins, her carmex, her flower hair grabs, then her heart and star hair decorations, her clasps, and then her baby hair clasps.  Love the organization!

On the bottom I placed the tray inside with all the multi-colored mini hair scrunchies, the headbands, and her brush.  I really want to get her the Wet Brush or it's equivalent.  It's amazing how much easier it is to brush out hair.  Trust me, with my long hair I get tons of snarles.  Before with a comb it would take me five minutes to comb out my hair.  Now, with the Wet Brush it takes me less than a minute.  It's AMAZING!

And that's it!  Our new hair tool box is great!  We can take it anywhere and have everything we need. Maybe one day we'll convert into the cart if we every really really get into it, but for now this is working out great!

Have fun!


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