Turin's Room Organization

Hey Everyone!  Have you missed me?  It's been a little while since I was able to post anything.  And the reason is that I got a job!  Yay!!!  I've started training there and I am absolutely loving it!  I am so blessed to have the perfect job for me.  So if you've missed the posts, it's not because I haven't wanted to post anything, I have just been so busy with our schedule change.  We've been seeing some amazing views and are really starting to love living here in Utah!

I've been working on various organization projects for our itty bitty apartment.  About 75% of our belongings are stored away in a storage shed unfortunately, so my capabilities in crafting and building are limited.  But if you know me, there is no way I can stop crafting.  I'm Crafty Echo of course!  Living in an apartment after living in our own house has been quite difficult.  I miss our house tons and can't wait to move! After living here for a couple months, I got tired of the way the kids rooms were organized and wanted to come up with an easy inexpensive solution.  When I started pulling stuff out of Turin's room, this is what I had to deal with!

It was a hot mess!  The problem we were having with his room was that it is a small room and floor space is very limited.  I first thought about what he uses most and what he's grown out of.  He doesn't really use his work bench anymore, so that came out.  The little people, including not only the figures, but the barn, the helicopter, the boat, the house, the castle, the plane, and the tug boats all came out.  The only little people thing that's still in there is the pirate ship because he just got that a year ago and he still likes his little pirates!   When you first walk into his room this is what you see.  The white side table now holds all of his figures and lego drawers.  I put the rug onto the carpet to catch any of the little lego pieces that might drop.  All I need is for lego pieces to get lost and vacuumed up!

His bed is in the corner of the room with his railing.  He is no where ready to get rid of that thing yet!  His dresser is right next to his bed and acts like his nightstand.

At the end of his bed is his bookcase.  He loves to read books!  Love my little nerd!  On top are the wooden puzzles, a bin that holds his lego manuals right now, and his fan.

In his closet is a 12 cube shelf that we got a couple years ago from Target.  One of the shelves got broken and had to come out.  I turned the shelf on it's side in the closet so he could reach everything he needed easier, and still be able to use that space that was broken.  At the top of the closet on the right is his extra blankets.  On the bottom is a collapsible bin I got from Walmart last summer.  It holds all the extra stuffed animals, swords, and other big things.

I used two fabric bins on the bottom to contain things and keep that space that had been broken still usable.

He can now reach the buildings that he wants to play with.  We can now rotate the buildings with the other ones at the top of the closet every now and then to keep things fun and fresh.

Whether or not he keeps his room clean is another thing, but it's a step in the right direction anyway!  Next week I'll show you how we're organizing Nycki's room.  And then back to crafting!

Have fun!


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