Craft Room Reveal

Hey Everyone!  Are you ready for this?  My craft room reveal (trumpets blaring in the background)!  I can't believe it's done!  It took a while, but it was well worth it.

My craft room area is in the back of the 3rd bedroom that we just finished putting a ceiling on.  My desks sit under one of the soffits that we built.  We still need to find a pull chain light fixture that I like that won't break the bank for this area.  Until then this lamp stand will have to do.

My sewing table is set up and ready to go.  My "mending pile" in the crate underneath the table is very full.  I have lots to fix right now since my area has been out of commission the past 3 months.  I have a pattern and what I need ready to make a Disney Princess Anna Dress.  And the makings for Princess Elsa dress in the back.  I love love love my sewing machine.  If you're looking at sewing machines, look into this one, Singer One.  The table still needs to be redone, but that'll have to happen in time.

Next to my sewing desk is my craft desk.  I painted chevrons on it to give it some pizzazz when I built it and attached it to the wall with the aid of my handy dandy husband.

My rolling cart and spray painted basket are underneath.  On top of the desk you'll find my next project in the wings.

I spray painted a frame and put a picture of my little cutie in it from when she was little.  I hung my various memorabilia on my corkboard that I put on the wall.  I have a Desktop Caddy that spins with all my tools I regularly need.

 Above the desk on the shelves to the right are my crafting accessories.

The pail on the top holds my fabric markers, and these bins hold miscellaneous things I plan on crafting with.

Also on top is the inspiration for the room, my extra large teal clothes pin.

Underneath that is my drawers that hold my sewing velcro, elastic, and miscellaneous sewing things.  On the right is a bin from Target that holds all my thread.  Maybe one day I'll get one of those thread organizers.  Underneath that is a basket that holds any sewing projects I may not be ready to finish quite yet.

On the shelves on the left are my other crafting necessities.  On the top to the left is a basket that is holding all my loose flowers.  Mostly from my wedding.

Next to that is an old mini suitcase that I got a long time ago that holds all my sentimental things, with my grandpa's irish hat on top.

Underneath that to the left is a teal bin I had gotten from the dollar store a while ago.  It's currently holding all my large ribbons, crochet thread, twine, raffia, and baker's twine.

Next to that is a couple baby food jars that I spray painted the lids to.  They hold my black and white buttons, which are what I more commonly use.

In the bin from Target next to that is all my ribbons.  The jar holds any small pieces of ribbon that I don't want getting tangled up.  I've tried putting my ribbon on a rod, but I didn't like it.  I like being able to easily take my roll anywhere I need it and keep a pin in the loose end.

What do you think?  Truly spectacular right?  I'm very happy with it.  It really came together just the way I wanted.  I couldn't be happier!

Stay tuned for Monday for the Craft Closet Reveal!

Have a great weekend!
Have fun!


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