Rolling Cart Revamp

Hey Everyone!  I have had this rolling kind of cart thing for a while now.  I think it might have been an entertainment center at one point in it's life.  I had lost the the shelf, so I cut a 12 inch board to fit the distance and then painted it gray to match the room.  Well now that the craft room was getting a makeover, it was time for the cart to get one too!

It was dusty, it was stuffed with tons of stuff, and it didn't have a purpose.  Major problems for organization!  I took everything out, cleaned it and then got to work!

I took the backing off and gave it a coat of Rustoleum Seaside Spray Paint.  I took this particleboard piece of furniture and gave it a good scrubbing with a piece of sandpaper to help the paint to adhere to it.

Then I gave it a coat of medium gray paint.

Not too bad for a first coat right?  After I put the second coat of paint on the rolling cart I let it dry for 24hrs.  I did have to do a couple touch ups (Errrggg) due to bumping it into a couple places on the travels to the designated area.  It's still particleboard, so it's not going to adhere that great.  This paint has paint and primer combined, so I don't think a layer of primer would have helped.  A couple touch ups, attached the back on, and it was good to go!

I put the shelf back in and then started putting the things back in.  In the bottom is the horrible ugly temporary floral box that holds my felt.  Kids love to play with felt, and it's a good crafting material.  On the right is my thirty one bag with my glue's that need to stay upright.  On the shelf above that is my Cricut Mini.  On the top is my Silhouette Portrait that I won in a prize drawing from a wonderful blog I love and adore I Heart Organizing!  I'm preferring the Silhouette at the moment, but that's another topic for another day.  I put my cutting mats underneath each machine so that they stay flat and not easily lost.  And that was it!

Now this little organizing tool stays tucked under my desk next to my freshly spray painted laundry basket just waiting for me to roll over and use it!

Have fun!


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