Always Have, Always Will Sign

Hey Everyone!  To continue on what appears to be Sign Week, here is a very easy sign that you can make for any saying you keep dear to you.  

I took a spare board I had, a 1x6.  Stained it with some leftover stain I had from all my other projects.  Then it was time to do some painting.  I used the same method I used on the Countdown Calendar and the Soliciting Sign.  Print out your font onto paper in the size you want it to be.  I used "Blackjack" font.  Currently my favorite font!  Rub some white chalk on the back of the paper you printed where the letters are.  Turn over and lay in the spot you want your words to be.  Trace the outline of the letters on the paper.  When it's all traced then when you pull off your paper you'll have the outline of where to paint in chalk.  Paint in the letters with acrylic paint and when that's dry you are done.  If you'd rather avoid the painting, you can use vinyl if you'd rather.  I chose to paint the words, "Always Have, Always Will".  My husband says that to me.  It's such a simple and loving way of saying that he loves me, he always has, he always will.  We met when we were 11 and 10.  Each having crushes on the other, but never dated until after college.  This sign reminds us of the love we shared, continue to share, and the love our future will hold.


How have your signs been coming out?
Have fun!


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