Soliciting Sign

Hey Everyone!  Here is another sign I've made, haven't put it up yet because I'm still working on the front porch.  But here is a cute little sign you can make for yours too.  Do you ever get those annoying people that are knocking on your door for anything and everything?  I saw this sign on pinterest and had to make it.  I found the decorative piece of wood at Michaels in their ready to paint wood section.  I spray painted the wood with a black spray paint and then used the same rub chalk technique that I used on my countdown calendar.  If you missed that post, you can see it hereI used white acrylic paint to paint the letters. It took a while and a lot of concentration.  But I got it done!  Here it is!

After your done painting your letters, don't forget to spray it with a protective sealant.  Once I get this cute little sign up I'll take some more pictures and update this post.

What signs are you making?
Have fun!


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