Countdown Calendar

Hey Everyone!  Do you want an easy count down calendar for your home?  I was on pinterest and saw this cute little sign to make.  Cut a piece of 1x4 wood to whatever size you like, mine is a scrap piece of wood.  Mine is about 24 inches.  Paint the back and side in whatever color you wish.  I chose to paint mine a light gray color.  The front paint 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint.  This stuff is incredible awesome!  It takes a few coats, but then once it's done, it's amazing!  After it's all painted you'll put on "Days Until".  You can use vinyl if you have, get stickers if you'd rather, or paint it like I did.  I determined the font and size I wanted my letters to be and then printed them.  I rubbed the back with chalk and then traced the outline of letters on my board.  When it was all traced I used acrylic paint and filled in the outline.  Once everything is dry, you are done!  A great sign to count down to something!

Attach to your wall whatever way you'd like.  I chose to put in two "eyes" in order to hang it from a hook.

Anyone else making signs?
Have fun!


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