Temporary Entertainment Center

Hey Everyone!  When we were getting ready to move we decided to sell our entertainment center.  We had it for years and it was time to move on, plus it wasn't really our style anymore.  When we moved into the apartment in Utah there really wasn't room for much of anything.  In it's place for the meantime we put the tv on the coffee table we had built.  We put the tv base on the top of the coffee table.  The one thing that bothered me was the cords showing from the TV.

Since we had just moved we had plenty of cardboard.  I cut a piece of cardboard to size.  Tracing a cup, I cut a couple holes at the bottom for the cords to go through for the items on the bottom.

I covered the cardboard with brown construction paper.

I couldn't just leave it like this, I needed to decorate it.  I cut a chevron pattern on the excess cardboard and then used that to make my lines for the whole temporary backing.

I used this paint by Apple Barrel in Tuscan Teal.  I painted inside every other line.

Because I'm super clumsy, I dropped ONE drop of the blue paint into the opposite section.  Grrrr!  In order to cover this up I decided to paint an anchor on that space.

Once it was dry.  I unplugged everything in and put the necessary cords through the holes in the temporary backdrop.  I used masking tape to tape the temporary backdrop at the top to the coffee table.  It's the only thing I had to make it stick to the table.  You've got to use what you've got right?

I used large clips to contain the cords together.

Once it was all put back together, it was done!

How are you covering up your TV cords?


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