TV Stand Base for Sound Bar

Hey Everyone!  On Superbowl Sunday Josh asked me (while we were getting ready for our Super Bowl party of course) if we could get a sound bar.  In my sarcastic voice I said "have we got our refund yet?".  Sigh... that bit me in the rear.  We got it that day.  So off to Best Buy Josh went.  Josh was setting up the sound bar half an hour before the kick off!  Talk about last minute!  The problem we were having with it was that you had to hold your hand weird to turn the channel and the tv's timer would shut the TV off because the sensor was blocked.  We decided we needed to build some kind of base to lift the TV up.  This is what it looked like before we built our TV stand base.

We took some mdf we had leftover from the future headboard and cut it to 12 inches by 30 inches.  We took a 2x3 we had leftover from the ceiling and kreg jigged it together on three sides to create the base.

Josh then took the front piece and drilled a hole in it big enough for the cords to run through for the sound bar that was going to sit in front of it.

We kreg jigged the base to the mdf that Josh cut with the circular saw.  Then it was time to paint!  Two coats of our medium gray paint and it was done!  I put the TV onto the base and then ran the cords through the hole to the sound bar.

Hooked it back up and it was good to go!

How do you have your sound bar?

Have fun!


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