Cupboard Bin Labels

Hey Everyone!  Do you have kids?  If you do you might find this next organized solution very helpful.  In our kids cup cupboard we keep a small bin from Target to hold all the cup lids.  The reason we put them in here is because we like to keep the cups well ventilated.  Sometimes if you put the lid on and it's not completely dry inside then bacteria can grow and it'll start to smell nasty.  So, once everything has been washed and dried we throw all the lids and reusable straws in here.  We have one bin in the cupboards for their lids, one for our vitamens, and one for our kitchenaid accessories.  In order to tell them all apart I made them some labels.  I found these cute tags at the dollar spot at Target last year.

I used the chalkboard looking one for this little project.  I felt like it would work better in this space, and it's all the rage of course.

I cut off the red and white baker's twine.  I really don't prefer red.  Instead I got out some black and white baker's twine that I'd also previously purchased at the Target dollar spot.  I cut some of the twine to the necessary length to tie it on, but first I needed to label it!  I got a white crayon from my kids coloring box and wrote on the tag.  I personally prefer to use crayon to write on these labels, but if you'd like to use a chalkboard marker or chalk then that's fine too.  I just knew that I was going to use this bin for this for a while.  The label wouldn't need to be changed until I was done with the bin for this purpose.  I feel like the crayon is more durable as well, since we'll be pulling the bin in and out of the cupboard to find missing lids.

Tie the label on and that's it!

How are you wrangling all of your kids cup lids?

Have fun!


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