Kitchen Renovation: Countertop and Sanding

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend our great friend Hanna was able to come over and watch the kids so we could sand the cabinets.  On Saturday we fixed up the cabinets.  When we took apart the kitchen we found that the cabinet next to the dishwasher had been pieced together with a chunk of bad panel board.  We inserted a 3/4 inch piece of hardwood plywood as the side for the cabinet instead.  We also inserted a piece to go between the two sections.

We're still trying to decide what to do with each of these sections.  We're debating whether to install sliding glide drawers in them.  Or to build built in drawers on the section on the left.  On the right we'll either do sliding glide drawers or an adjustable shelf.  Again still undecided.  You can see in the pictures where we removed the shelf that was in there.  It was an inset shelf.  I don't think we're going to be doing anything with this, just sanding it and painting it.  It's about a half inch deep.  It would take too much wood putty to patch it.

We also installed new drawer slides for the preexisting drawers.

After that we used our kreg jig to put the two 2x10's and 2x8 together.

We used our kreg jig screws to put it together everywhere except where the sink would go and where it overhangs the cabinets.  Then we put the countertop on the cabinets and determined where the sink was supposed to go.  We used the template that came with the sink and a lot of crossing of fingers.

Then Josh drilled a hole so that we could start the jig saw.

I started drilling with the jig saw, but ultimately Josh did 3/4 of the drilling because he's so much stronger and the wood was 1 1/2 inches thick!  Once the sink was cut and fitted with a little bit of sanding, we sized the countertop to the exact length.  Then Josh with his big muscles lifted the front side of the counter while I used a liberal amount of liquid nails to glue the counter down.  Once we put the counter down and in the right place we used a couple shims to make sure it was level.

On Sunday we sanded for 3 hours and then another hour and a half after the kids went to bed.  While Josh continued sanding Sunday evening, I did some more puttying.  Then I ran out, it's always something.  Monday after work I went and picked up some more.  The important thing about the putty was that it had to be stainable.  I was putting it in between the cracks of the boards for the countertop.  While the putty dries, I'm crushing on my ship lap backsplash, aren't you?  Totally loving it!

Have fun!


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