Kitchen Renovation: Ship Lap Backsplash

Hey Everyone!  Do you watch fixer upper?  Well, yeah, I'm kind of obsessed.  What I'm really obsessed with is the inevitable ship lap wall that turns up in most of the houses.  Our house has a nautical theme to it, so I didn't know how we would be able to incorporate this kind of wall in our house.  But then we started working on our kitchen and decided the ship lap wall would be perfect for our backsplash.  We removed the existing tile and put up drywall on the wall where the tile was.

I had read a few tutorials online.  Some consisted of cutting strips of plywood, some of finding actual ship lap.  I ventured out to my local Lowe's and found this.

It's V-Groove Panel board planks.  One $14 package of panel boards covers 14 square feet.  We got two packages to cover our backsplash.  I first started by putting the first piece at the top underneath the cabinets.  I fit it to the space and cut out the areas to make it fit with my jig saw.  I made sure it was level and then used 1 1/4 inch finish nails and liquid nails to secure it.  From there I started randomly placing my next sections at various points.

I'd measure the next area I wanted and where I wanted to put my next break.  I'd cut the board to length.

Then I used my caulk gun and applied a bead of liquid nails.

I'd nail the board into place at the ends and then in the middle if it was a long piece.  I'd check each piece to make sure it was level before I nailed it up.  When I got to the piece to go under the window sill. I wanted it to be all one piece.  Then under there I wanted there to be a break.  So I determined where the center of that piece was and measured accordingly.

If I came across an outlet I would cut the board accordingly.

I planked all the way down to below where the counter will go.  

The next day I was at work and talking about the wall with my coworker who suggested that I take the ship lap up above the sink as well.  So we did!

We're going to trim out the window and then paint it all white.  Stay tuned for the end result!

Have fun!


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