Kitchen Renovation: Kitchen Plans

Hey Everyone!  We've been working hard on some plans to refresh the kitchen.  It's in rough shape and old.  The cabinets are circa 1946 and are beginning to show it.  My dream was to strip the cabinets bare and stain them a driftwood stain.  Then the dream because realization when I found out that they weren't in as good a shape as I thought.

I knew the cabinets are white underneath the brown paint I had put on three years ago in our first Kitchen Renovation.  But who knew what was underneath.  Well luckily for us there was nothing, but what we didn't count for was water stains and lots of wear and tear.  It took me about and hour and a half to get this one cabinet facing to this state.

The right side has bad water stains that you cannot cover up with the stain we would want to use and there was too many problem spots that needed to be repaired to make it worth it.  So after that fail we regrouped and researched and determined what we wanted to do instead.  We have a kind of nautical rustic look we're trying to go for.  We received some tea cups and saucers from Josh's grandma that we want to display, but we don't really have a good place to put them.  We decided to look for a cabinet that we could make the doors into glass/plexiglass.  We found something better!

I found this china cabinet at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $50!!!  It needs a lot of love, but it'll totally be worth it.  It comes all in one piece with real bead board on the back.  The hutch has two shelves, that I'm going to adjust by removing the current ledges and use my shelf pin jig to make the shelves adjustable.  The inside is going to be painted white.  The bead board is going to be painted white above the counter as well.  The counter will be sanded and possibly stripped to be stained to match the new countertops in the kitchen.  The outside of the cabinet is going to be gray to match the cupboards in the kitchen.  The handles on the top doors are going to be dropped to the bottom.  The hinges are going to be hidden.  The handles on the bottom are moving up.  And the handles on the drawers are going to be replaced with cup pulls to make the cupboards as well.  Along with all that we are going to add crown moulding to the top.  This was my inspiration.

The cupboards are going to be painted a light gray to match the rest of the house.  The hardware is going to be changed to brushed nickel hardware with cup pulls on the drawers. One drawer needs to be rebuilt.  One blank space next to the stove needs to be remade into a door-less cabinet. I'm going put my recipe books there.  We're going to put a backsplash plate above the stove to protect the cabinets better and seal the edges.  Speaking of the stove that's got to get replaced as well.  We're waiting to see if there is going to be a good labor day weekend sale.  We're going to repaint the walls into a light blue color to make the room brighter.  We're starting the great debate.

We're tearing out the old outdated tile that I painted and replacing it with ship lap.  We got these v-groove boards for about $15 for 14 sq. ft.  We got two to start off with.  We'll paint them white and polyurethane them for protection.  Here are some of our inspirations for this.

Blue kitchen cabinets

This last image shows pretty closely what we're going to be doing except with gray cupboards and a darker countertop.  Today we picked up 2 2x10x10 and 1 2x8x10 boards to make the countertop.  It was like we were digging for the needle in a haystack to find the perfect boards, but I believe we found them!  We're looking to do something like this.

I love dear lillie's kitchen here, it's been a major inspiration for me.

I like the gray cabinets in this kitchen too!


We'll keep you updated as things progress, so if you don't hear from me for a while it's probably because I'm either working on the basement or the kitchen.

What do you think?  Any ideas?

Have fun!


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