Kitchen Renovation

Hey Everyone!  We're going to make this Kitchen Week.  My kitchen was in desperate need of a renovation.  Even though this reno was done a bit ago, I totally forgot about it and decided to do a post on it, finally!  My husband was instrumental in this renovation.  Painting the inside of the cabinets and the cabinet doors.  We painted the walls together the walls.  I painted the outside of the cabinets.  And of course, it's not completely fixed/finished.  But here it is... How about some before pictures?

Cream colored wall is not me at all.  I was in desperate need of some color!  The whole room was drab and horrific.  Do you know how hard it is to keep white cabinets clean and stain free?  Yeah, not so easy when you have two babies.  Look at Josh and my little chunk-monster.  He was so little back then, and that really wasn't that long ago.  *sigh*, they grow up so quickly!  Here you can see a sneak peak of the wall color.  We got paint swatches and hung them up on the wall for a few days on the respective areas (ie, the wall color swatched taped up to the wall, the cabinet wall swatch taped onto the cabinet).  We left them on there for a few days so we could see how the light would affect the swatch and which color we thought was best and would grow on us.

The goal for this renovation was to save as much money as possible.  We looked at various options and new that bringing in color was the best option.  The great thing about these cabinets is that they are tall and held A LOT.  So why replace them?  But I was not about to strip them, who knew how many layers of paint was underneath them.  No thank you.  So some sanding and painting was in store for the cupboards.  For the backsplash we had talked about tearing it down and replacing them with slate.  Would have went well with the Tuscan feel we were going for.  When that was budgeted out it was about $250 more than we budgeted so it was time to go back to the drawing board.  Have you ever heard about painting tiles?  These tiles had been previously painted, so it was just another couple coats.  I used a brush around the edges and rolled the rest.  Rolling is imperative if you want to have a smooth surface.  If you have to do touch ups, use the foam roller.  Don't want to have any brush marks.  Make sure after you've painted your tiles you put on at least two coats of polyurethane if not three coats.  Again, make sure the polyurethane doesn't drip or else you'll get yellow drip marks, yuck!  So much cheaper to use the paint we had and purchase the polyurethane.  Saved us so much money.

Cabinets.  Not fun, but well worth it.  Again, remember to roll.  Here it is in the process of being painted.  Please forgive these awful pictures, it was before I started getting into photography.

Don't rush you don't want drip marks.  If you don't want drip marks, keep all your doors horizontal.  There are so many drip marks on my cabinet doors now that I have to scrap and sand them and repaint them.  A pain in the rear-end.  So if you're one of those annoying people like me that are a perfectionist, then do it yourself.  Love ya honey, thanks for the help!  Also, don't forget to use semi-gloss paint, makes it so much easier to clean!

Moving on.  One of the biggest changes with an impact was changing the hardware.  When we first moved in we got cheap walmart hardware to replace the absolute hideous hardware that was there before.  Ripped out the nasty shelf liner and cleaned.  It's amazing what a good cleaning will do!  Then we did this renovation and replaced the hardware again that went with the Tuscan feel.  Such a big difference!

Here are the after pictures...

The brown of the cabinets and the cream in the painted tiles brings out the countertop.  The wall color gives the room a warmer feeling.  The pictures help to give the room that Tuscan feel we were going for.  They were bought at Kirklands during a really good sale!  Our coffee station buffet is a work in progress.  It's a wall cabinet that we found at the ReStore.  We turned it upside down, did a little wood glue repair to the door and it was good as new.  We still need to create a more permanent top to it.  For now there is just a board with a tablecloth over it.  Besides the touch ups, it's in good shape.

How about your kitchen?  Made any improvements lately?
Have fun!


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