Kid's Chair Recover

Hey Everyone!  I was sitting in the living room Monday night and watched my son sitting in a princess chair and had to do something about it.  I took apart the chairs and removed the seat pieces.  For Turin's chair I had some leftover silver spray paint from the bathroom ceiling fan.  Here you can see the before and after.

I used a staple remover and removed the broken vinyl princess cover and it's padding.

I first wrapped each piece in batting and used my hot glue gun to glue things in place.

Then after ironing, I covered the pieces in fabric. I cut off the excess as I went and hot glued the fabric on.

I put the pieces all back together after everything had completely dried.  The chair had to dry completely for 24 hours.  After it was all put back together, it was done!

An easy project that the kids absolutely love!  No more fighting over the chairs.  Now they know who's is whose.  What do you think?  Totally awesome right?

Have fun!


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