New Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Hey Everyone!  After I had showered and was getting ready last Wednesday for work, my ceiling fan stopped working.  Not knowing what was going on and knowing that ceiling fans were way out of my expertise, I hailed my hard working husband an S.O.S. (Someone Out there Save me!)  After doing some tests it was determined that it was the ceiling fan.  Who knows how old the original was, but once we pulled it out we knew it was old!

We went out to Home Depot and found a new one that we liked.  It had a similar globe to the light we installed at the bottom of the stairs.

The only problem I had was the color of the base and center.  It didn't really go with our color scheme in the bathroom.  I'm definitely not into gold, I tolerate bronze, but silver is my preference.  While we were at Home Depot we picked up some silver Rustoleum spray paint.  I taped up the electrical and anywhere I didn't want paint to go to.

On Saturday Josh installed the fan.  Felt so bad for him having to crawl into the hot sweaty attic with all that fiberglass insulation into the corner edge of the roof for this, but it had to be done.  It's a building code here where we live.  Plus we would sweat to death from the heat in the small bathroom without a fan!  After the spray painted base and center piece dried for the recommended 24 hours, Josh put it up.  Now we have a working good looking bathroom ceiling fan that matches our style!

What have you been doing to make things into your own?

Have fun!


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