Kids Bedroom Refresh

Hey Everyone!  If you've been following me on Instagram you might have seen how we upgraded the kids bedroom.  Let's take a tour!

When you walk up the stairs this is the first thing you see when you are at the door.

When you first walk in you see Nycki's bed.

She loves it, and says it's "sooo comfortable!"  Above her bed is the letters I remade for her.

Next to the right side of her bed are her puzzle pictures she got from her Cioci Hannah.

On the front of the closet is the poster she got for Christmas.  We used Command Poster Strips to hang all our posters up.  You don't get any holes in your posters getting them up that way.

To the right of the closet is the dress up bookcase.  We found it easier to put bins on the shelf to contain Turin's dress up stuff.  He has more hats, shields, and swords then anything else.  Above the shelf is one of the canvases that I painted and put some Disney Frozen wall decals on.

To the right of the dress up shelves is my old rocking horse.  It used to have hair, but it's bald now.  Turin loves to ride it and play cowboy.  I love seeing him on it because of it's sentimental value for me.

Behind the bedroom door along the wall is Nycki's dresser.  We got it from a good friend of ours.  We added handles to it so we wouldn't scratch it, but also to make it easier to open all the drawers.  It could use some more work, but maybe that'll come later.

Above her dresser are the two paintings I painted with more of her Disney Frozen wall decals.  You might have seen one of these paintings on my Instagram (*hint *hint).  I love how they came out!

On top of her dresser is a lamp I repainted with the Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint that I used for Nycki's letters.  I wrapped the bottom of the old lampshade with Disney Frozen ribbon to give it a little bit of color and specialty.

I took two vases filled with dried lavender from our wedding and wrapped them with Disney Frozen ribbon I had purchased from Joann's fabric.

In between the kids beds is a bookcase with most of their books.  It's acting kind of like a nightstand for them.  Our cat Kiki approves of the room!

On top of the bookcase is a Spiderman lamp that I got from Walmart to be one of their nightlights.  It is tolerably bright and doesn't get too warm when it's on for a long period of time.

Next to the bookcase is Turin's bed.  He's not anywhere close to being ready for a big kid bed without bed rails.  We got two extra long bed rails at Walmart.  He moves around quite a bit, but he doesn't move down the bed too much, so I'm not afraid of him falling off the end.

Above his bed is the letters I made for him.

Next to his bed is a poster I found at Target.  You can also find it at Michael's.

In the indent next to Turin's bed is the rocking chair that we'll sometimes rock them to sleep in or read to them in.  Next to the rocking chair is a super cute poster that I found at Michael's that makes all the letters of the alphabet into Disney characters.

On the other side of the indent is Turin's workbench.  Above the workbench is a picture that I made from taking one of Josh's comic books and sandwiching it between glass in this special frame.  It came out super cute!

At the end of Turin's bed is his dresser.  Above his dresser are a couple canvases that I made for him using wall decals.

I tried painting similar scenes for Turin's canvases.  I actually found it harder to paint these because a city is so complex.  I kept is simple, but I had to make sure I fit in a Batman!

And that's it!  A great refresh to the kids room.  What do you think of the color?  I think it works really well with the Disney Frozen theme and with the Spiderman theme.

The kids love their new room and love spending time there.  Have you remade any of your rooms lately?

Have fun!


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