Shelf Safety

Hey Everyone!  Have you been like everyone else and started organizing and cleaning out the house or apartment?  We doing a bit this weekend.  I'm constantly going through things, can't stand to have clutter.  When we were going through the play area we noticed the cube shelf we have for the kids toys was looking a bit wobbly.  You've probably heard the horror stories of kids that have died from dressers and shelves squishing them.  This was NOT something we want to go through.  So when we noticed ours was getting a bit wobbly we took action!  Here is what it looked like before...

We had started decorating for Christmas when I noticed the condition of the shelves.  I found a 5/8 inch piece of plywood in the basement that we could cut to fit the back of half the shelf.  This would help to give the cube shelf some stability.  We decided to put the half on the bottom half of the shelf.

Josh cut the plywood to size and sanded the edges smooth.  I painted the piece of plywood with 2 coats of a sample blue color we had.  Once that had fully dried we nailed the plywood to the cube shelf.  I had a bit of help.

Then we set the shelves back up and put back in place.

The plywood made the shelf so much more stable!  Next we just had to fill the shelf back up.

It's not a huge transformation, but the safety benefits are immeasurable.  What are you doing to not only organize this coming month, but also to keep it safe?

Have fun!


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