Organizing a Bathroom

Hey Everyone!  If you know me one of my favorite things is to organize.  Weird I know.  So when my mom offered me to organize her bathroom, I was totally there!

My first step in the process was pulling everything out of the closet and seeing what needed to be dealt with.

Here are some of the things I did.  My mom had this rack in the closet that is perfect for hanging up hair dryers and curling irons.  I also hung up the kids hooded towels here so that they had a good place to hang.

After about 2hrs of cleaning and organizing and going through things this is what I came up with.  It's amazing if I do say so.  Everything has a place.  All the shoe bins are labeled and contain a category of items (ex. first aid, heating pads/covers, medicine, and wraps).

At the top is rarely used items (homemade scrubs, travel toiletry bags, shoe accessories).  Underneath that is a bin that contains their 40 million loofahs.  Next to them are their extra shampoos and q-tips.  Any items that are being stored away for future use would be used here.  Underneath all that is the towels.  Then under that is the bins of necessities, all labeled accordingly.  Then under that is the extra toilet paper and dixie cups.  On the bottom is the cleaning supplies and scale.

If you know me you know I like a clutter free bathroom sink counter.  You can check out my Bathroom Organizer to see what I mean.  I don't like having stuff all over, it makes it harder to clean.  Mom has a very big counter in her bathroom.  But keeping it at a minimal like we have here makes it look very nice!

For the sink drawers there are two on the right.  The top holds the washcloths and the bottom holds the hand towels.  On the left top drawer I put a basket in to hold the hair brushes.  It lays right on top of the edges of the drawer, but it's not too big that you can't close the drawer.  The great part of this is that I could put a bin under to hold the extra razors.  In front of that is a bin to hold the deodorants.  Then the pampering supplies is in front of that.  The bottom drawer on the left contains the female personal products.


Underneath the sink I cut stick on tiles and placed them underneath to give the bottom some protection.  It also makes the insides look really nice too.  You can also use contact paper if you'd rather use that instead.

I took some more shoe box bins, and pulled the labels off of them.  I can't stand when people leave this stickers on bins.  They're so annoying and make things look so much uglier.

More bins were placed underneath that contained things used more often.  

And that's it!  What are you doing to organize your bathroom?

Have fun!


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