A Trundle Part 1

Hey Everyone!  As I work on the doll bed I decided to alter the plans to allow for a trundle bed.  Like I showed you Wednesday I made an Adollable Bed for "Nycki's Trunk".  If you're not aware of what Nycki's Trunk is, it's a collaboration of things that I'm making over the next few years for her big Christmas when she'll get her American Girl Doll.  I liked the farmhouse bed that the amazing Ana White made, but I wanted a trundle for in case Nycki's doll wanted to have a sleepover.

For the farmhouse bed you can find Ana White's plans here and the trundle bed here.

Follow the directions explicitly.  I apparently had a moment of mental insanity and didn't.  I should have made my trundle bed an inch shorter then I did so that it would slide underneath easier.  Can't be perfect all the time (although I wish I could).  What we ended up doing was sanding.  Well, Josh ended up sanding the ends to make it slightly shorter.

The other thing we did was cut a semicircle out from the sides so that Nycki could fit her finger under the bed and slide the trundle out when she wanted.

It's still waiting to be finished with some paint, but the bed is really coming along!  Stay tuned for more on this really cute doll bed!

Have fun!


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