An Adollable Bed!

Hey Everyone!  I've been working on a this project for a while.  It's for Nycki's Trunk!  I've started to make Nycki a doll bed.  But not just a simple doll bed, but a farmhouse doll bed with a trundle.  And it ended up being the size of a queen size bed for a doll.  It ended up being bigger then I wanted, but it'll work.  If you're interested in making a doll bed too, I found my plans from the amazing Ana White!  

I combined two plans, one for the bed and one for the trundle.  But I altered the plans to make the headboard taller then the footboard.  I also added 4 inches to the height of the bed to make it tall enough to slide a trundle bed underneath. I precut some of the pieces according to the plans.  Then sanded the pieces smooth.

 Then we got them ready to put together.   I had a lot of help!

 Then we started putting the pieces together using my favorite tool, the kreg jig!

It took a little while because we were trying to do a good job.  But we eventually got the headboard and footboard together.

We added the sides onto the headboard and footboard and then put on the underneath of the bed to hold the mattress using some 1/4 inch plywood.

Stay tuned for more on this adorable bed and what I did for it!

Have fun!




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