Craft Closet Reveal

Hey Everyone!  Not only has the craft room been finished, but the craft closet is too!  The craft closet is where I've put the majority of my crafting supplies.  One day I hope to have a whole room dedicated to my crafting passion, but for now I have a section of a large room and a closet.  In the beginning I started by giving the closet a couple coats of white paint.

Then I put in the painted shelves that I got from college.

Then it was time to start piling everything back in.  I weeded through things I needed and things I didn't.  And in the end it looked like this!

For the most part everything is organized.  It still needs some labels here and there, but that will come eventually when things are more settled.

Outside the closet is my dress form.  This thing has been instrumental in many of my creations.

On the left side of the closet is where most of my crafting and scrapbooking is.  I still want to do some more condensing of scrapbooking stuff of things I won't be using regularly.  I just don't have time to do scrapbooking regularly anymore.

On the top shelf to the left is the craft organizer that I spray painted.  I put my box of stickers on top of it.  It actually stabilizes the organizer.  Next to that is my scrap paper organizer and scrapbook things organizer.  I put together 3 three drawer organizers to make this unit.  Then I put small squares on the drawer to indicate what color scrap is in it.

Underneath that is more scrapbooking stuff.  Including my scrapfolio bags with paper, my boxes with memorabilia, and more.  In the front of the shelves between the shelf and the wall are my bags, in the back is foam board, and poster board. 

On the right side is my sewing area and other crafting things.  On the top of the shelves is my drawer bin system.

The top drawer to the left holds my batting and interfacing.  The top right holds all my patterns.  Underneath that holds all my scrap fabrics.  It's a hot mess and want to fix that some day.  I'd like to get a dresser that I can hold all my fabrics in.  On the top of these are my fabrics that I've rolled into mini bolts.

Underneath all that is some more drawers that hold sewing and crafting paraphernalia.  Next to that is my magazine holder, then my knitting looms and yarn.

Next to the drawer is some more cotton fluff.  Underneath all that is my sentimental box and next to that is my painting bin.  In the back is a frame that I need to fix, and a briefcase that holds all my drawing stuff.

On the shelf above it all I have more, oh yes, there is more!  On the right is some styrofoam.  Next to that is a bag of ziploc bags.  If I'm going upstairs with things I'll take a bag of stuff up with me and keep it contained in there.  Next to that is a bag of rope.  In the Target basket next to that is all our beads.  Nycki loves to play with the beads, and I think they're pretty fun to craft with too!

There are photo boxes next to those and more on the other side.

There is always room for improvement of course.  Such as changing the labels on the boxes and putting labels on other things.  It's a constantly evolving process, but I love how it is and where it's going.  Hope you enjoyed my new little slice of heaven!

Have fun!


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