Receipt Clipboard

Hey Everyone!  In the process of taking back over our desk we needed to come up with a plan as to what to do with the receipts.  They were crumpled and everywhere.  In my last post "The Shredding Mess", I noticed when going through the shred pile that I tend to fold my receipts in half, whereas Josh tends to crumple his.  Interesting!  Now I've come up with a easy idea to help with keeping the receipts under control.

What you'll need is a:

Mini Clipboard
Washi Tape (to make it pretty)

I found this mini clipboard at Walmart for $1.34 after tax.

To make it pretty I chose this washi tape by Scotch.

I started by wrapping the washi tape around the clipboard.  I started in the back so that I would not see any seams in the front.

After going around the front with the washi tape (making sure to stay level and even), I wrapped it around to the back.  I then cut off the tape once it overlapped a little on the back.

Then with my Epson Labelworks label maker I made a label for the front.

Then after attaching the label to the front, I was finished!

Now when we come home, we empty our pockets/purse/wallet and put all the receipts on the clipboard.  Then when Josh gets a moment he'll process the receipts through the appropriate budget.  Then he'll shred the receipt or place it in our receipt organizer (coming soon!).

How do you take care of your receipts?

Have fun!



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