The Shredding Mess

Hey Everyone!  You know how things can just bother you for a while and then eventually you explode and can't take it anymore?  Yeah, that's the way I was feeling with our desk in the dining room.  Our desk in our dining room is kind of like our command center.  When we come in we unload here, deal with papers here, and tons of other things.  After a little while it became crazy!  Like, major crazy!  Receipts were everywhere.  Unopened mail was all over.  Random junk cluttered the whole desk.  It was a mess!

If you saw my picture last night from Instagram you'll know what I was doing... shredding!  I hate shredding, like really hate shredding.  It's awful!  But it had to be done.  Everything that's been needing to be shredded for this year we've put in this diaper box and set to the side until we were ready to deal with it.  Every now and then I'd go through piles of paperwork and rip off addresses and put them in the box to be shredded.  But unbeknownst to me the box held unopened envelopes/junk mail that still needed to be opened.  Parts needed to go into recycling and parts into shredding.  Receipts in the shredder also needed to be gone through and put into the receipt file (I'll tell you about that another day...).

I label one box "Recycle", and the other box "Shred".

I then went through every piece, through every paper, and through every receipt. It really made you think about what you spent your money on.  Sometimes it would bring back a memory.  Or reconsider some of your purchases.  Either way, it had to be done!  An hour and a half later I was done going through everything.  Phew!

Now I have a better system for all of that that I'll be sharing with you over the next couple weeks.  When the mail comes in, I deal with it right then.  No messing around.  The desk isn't going to keep itself clean.  Now that the mail is coming later,  it'll be only me doing it.  Before Josh would do one thing, I'd do another and we'd end up with a big mess!  No longer anymore!  When I open the mail, I'll put the paper that can be recycled in the recycling bin and the addresses and things that needed to be shredded in this trash can next to the desk.

The great part of it is, is that now I have a plan.  I'll do what I've planned and keep a nice clean desk!  Win win!

Do you hate shredding too?  What are you doing to keep your desk neat and tidy?
Have fun!


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