A Start to Refrigerator Organization

Hey Everyone!  I like to keep a neat and tidy refrigerator now that I have the space.  Here are a couple things that I've been doing that I thought you might be interested in too!

I purchased two of these baskets from Walmart for my refrigerator for $3.99.  One I labeled "Butter", and the other I labeled "Yogurt".  These items have a tendency to roll around in our refrigerator and get a bit crazy, so these baskets help corral them into one place!

On the sides of the refrigerator are compartments that are great for keeping everything separated.  On the left side of the fridge on the top is random stuff, next is the jelly compartment, then the syrup compartment, then the cooking section.  The cooking section has a basket to contain all of those little things you don't want rolling around, like the lemon juice and the little bottle of butter flavor.  I hope to one day cut out frosted vinyl to label each compartment.

On the right on the top we keep the opened butter section, then the dressing section.  Next we have the juice and creamer on the door.  Both of these are not pivotal in staying as fresh as other things.  It's important to keep milk closer to the fridge to keep it from spoiling since it's cooler inside the fridge then on the doors.  Then, under that we have the taller dressings.  Again, I'd like to one day put frosted vinyl on these compartments.

In the middle of the fridge is the fruit and veggies compartment.  On the left side we keep the potatoes, the fruit stays in the middle, and on the right we keep all the veggies.

The bottom drawer contains the cheese, and sometimes lunchmeats/hot dogs.  I'd like to put some plastic baskets in here to keep things from moving around and to keep things separated since it's such a large drawer.

In the freezer in the weird basket on the door we keep our frozen fruits, and the one last remaining box of girl scout cookies, yum!  On the left bottom bin we keep all the frozen meals.  On the right is all of the ice packs and frozen water bottles (and boo boo Dora!).  Did you know that by keeping a few frozen water bottles in the freezer, you can help your freezer keep cold easier.  Less energy used, yay!  Same goes for the fridge.  Keep them in the back behind the Walmart baskets and you'll be helping your refrigerator to work a little easier.

In the pull out drawer is my frozen meals, sometimes I've got to switch it up from the PB&J.  The ice is here too.  We make our ice with the Brita filter to keep from using yucky city water!  The icecream is here and other small boxes of frozen meals if need be.  I like to keep the frozen ground beef here.  I'd like to get a basket to put in this drawer for this too.  Did you see the McD's drink in here.  We're saving it to prove we found a chunk of glass in it.  We're not suing them, but they asked us to hold onto the drink until the investigation and filing is done.  Be careful of what you drink!

And on a side note.  My little man started potty training yesterday and is doing great, so proud of him!

How have you been organizing your refrigerator?

Have fun!


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