Wrapping Cords

Hey Everyone!  One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling is a a cord that is going everywhere.  It gets all tangled, or in a knot.  And you can forget about finding it when you need it.  Such an aggravation! I've seen on various blogs this technique for wrapping cords and things, but wasn't so sure about it.  Well I'm happy to say that it does work as long as you give yourself enough Velcro to work with.

First we'll start of with the Velcro to use.  This is Velcro brand One-Wrap Thin Ties.  It's an inch wide and comes with 3ft of Velcro.  I found mine at my local Walmart.

First you'll want to select the cord you wish to wrap with the velcro.  You'll wrap the cord around three fingers to make the cord smaller in size but not bend it too much.  Avoid bending the end of the cord.  If you bend and/or potentially break the end of your cord there would potentially be short in the wires.  It'll look something like this.

 Then you'll take the One-Wrap Thin Ties and wrap it around the wrapped part of the cord in order to keep it together.  Don't cinch the cord too much.  Again, we don't want to make a short in the wires!  This is what you'll get...

 What do you do to keep your cords under check?

Have fun!


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