Traveling with Hair Accessories

Hey Everyone!  Today we're going to talk about traveling with hair accessories.  Not the ones for us adults, but the hair accessories for the little girls in our lives.  I'm determined to take the bare bones with us to vacation.  And that includes all those cute little hair accessories my little Rapunzel needs.  We're blessed to have a little girl with such long thick beautiful hair.  After she turned one her hair grew like weeds.  So far we've cut 6 inches off over the past two years and it's still down 3/4 of her back.  Nycki and I love doing her hair.  Truly bonding moments.  Anyhoot, I didn't want to pack everything, so we're just packing what we use more commonly.

Do you remember her hair tool box?

I went through the tool box and pulled out the must haves.  I have these bags I save from work that are great for putting little things in.  You can also get small bags for things like this in the craft section at Walmart to for $1-2.

I divided the things up into their categories and placed them in small baggies if necessary.

We have to have the brush of course.  I still want to get a Wet Brush for Nycki's hair.  It is seriously the best brush ever, get one!  The comb is a necessity to section off her hair.  The clamp helps pull and hold a section away while I'm working with another section.  The bobby pins are necessary for bobby pin rolls.  Very cute and easy hairstyle.  The elastics were a no brainer.  And the hairties were also a necessity when we're not doing anything fancy with my little munchkin's hair.  When it was all organized I then put it in her little toiletries bag that we got from Parenting.  Super easy and so helpful!

Do you organize your little girl's hair stuff for trips differently?

Have fun!


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