Graduation Party Recap

Hey Everyone!  I know that most graduations and parties are over with.  But in case you still have one to throw or will have one next year.  Here are some ideas from the graduation party we threw for my sister-in-law Hannah.  Along with all the other things that I did for Hannah's Waynesburg Graduation Party, here are a few more things you can do to make your party even more fantastic.

Our theme was of course the Waynesburg University colors.  But we also used some generic graduation party decorations.

Mom got these on sale.  It gave the place that extra added color that was needed besides the Waynesburg University colors of black and burnt orange.  The poof balls I made came in useful where ever things were to be hung.

We had a tent set up and hung the poofs on each corner.  We added some other hanging decorations mom had got too.  We strung streamers from each corner to each corner in the tent as well.  Mom and Dad have a patio set with an umbrella.  We took some decorations and hung them from the center of the umbrella and then took some Grad 2014 streamers and hung it around the edge of the umbrella.

The banner came out looking great!  We hung it from window to window.

The bottle wraps were really cool.  Not everyone likes cold drinks, so the room temperature bottles that the wraps needed worked really good.

Overall it was a really great party!  Everything came together well and luckily there was no major hiccups!  Hope everyone is doing well!

Have fun!


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