Waynesburg University Graduation Decorations

Hey Everyone!  This past weekend I offered to help my Mom (aka, Mother-in-Law) with the upcoming graduation party.  She said it would be great if I could help with the decorations and that it'd be great if we had some Waynesburg University personalization.  My sister-in-law Hannah graduated on May 18th from Waynesburg University.  She did such a great job, she was a co-valedictorian!  It's not a very big school, so there wasn't going to be anything in stores or anything like that.  Their school colors are black and a burnt orange kind of color.

Here are some things that I put together to get ready for the party.  First is this poof decoration that we'll hang around the place.  I took 3 sheets of tissue paper and cut them into fourths.  After stacking them on top of each other I squished the sides into the middle and tied it with a ribbon and left some long enough to be hung.  On the day of I'll just need to separate the layers and poof.  This one in the picture is tissue that I had squished and manipulated way too much!  They'll look better the day of.

A while ago Hannah gave the kids shirts from the school.  I had a great idea to put the one that Turin has grown out of onto a teddy bear the kids had.  Now it'll be a cute table decoration!

Nycki helped me cover this root beer box with orange paper to hold utensils.   It's great because of the built in dividers!  We traced the box onto cardstock, cut it out and then used a hot glue gun to glue on all the pieces.  We even covered the handle by placing one side on and tracing the handle from the other side, then cutting out that handle hole.  Do the same for the other side.  Glue in place.  I might put a logo on the front.  Still not sure.

This was a poster idea I thought of.  You see those baby announcements on pinterest on a chalkboard and it gives fun facts about the baby.  Well this idea is like that but for Hannah and her graduation.  It's all fun facts about Hannah that maybe everyone doesn't know about her.  I drew pictures with some of the things to give it more life.  All you need is a black posterboard, a white crayon, and a ruler.

This next one is a food label.  I took a logo from the web and cut it out into a circle.  I cut a little bit bigger circle out of black posterboard.  I created a table on word with 1 column and 5 rows.  On the day of the party I'll write on the label what the food/drink item is and any necessary information. (Why does the black look blue in this picture?  Ugh, I can't take pictures.  Working on it folks!)  Then I took a piece of black posterboard and made a tent.  Glued all the pieces together, then stood it up, tadah!

This is a banner for somewhere, not sure where yet.  The back was cut out of black posterboard, it's 6 inches wide.  The inside white cardstock is 5 inches wide.  I printed and cut out the letters I wanted from Word and traced them onto the 5 inch cardstock.  Then I colored them in as I desired.  This banner spells out "Congrats Hannah!".  I used my hole puncher to make holes in the corners to string the letters out on ribbon the day of the party.

This last "craft" was super easy.  I found this logo for Waynesburg on Google.   I sized it to the width of the printers capabilities and then printed 16 of them.  I had to color in the University portion on some of them due to my lack of ink.  Then on the day of I'll wrap them around room temperature water bottles.  You don't want to use these on cold bottles due to the condensation that would ruin the paper.

I think I've done pretty much everything I need to do.  What do you think?

Have fun!


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