Toilet Paper Wreath

Hey Everyone!  Have you ever seen a wreath made out of toilet paper rolls?  It was a easy little project that didn't take much time.  You'll want to save your toilet paper rolls for a little while.  When you think you have enough, begin this project by cutting your cardboard in one inch sections.  Flatten them out so they form a leaf shape.  When you are done cutting lots of these start gluing with your hot glue gun.  Glue into a circle shape.  The next row around glue into the space in between the previous row of leaves. I chose to only do two rows with random toilet paper tube leaves placed in various places.  I cut out a letter "S" for our name and cut some leaves out of scrapbooking paper to glue on.

After a while of hanging up, the wreath did fall.  The weight of the wreath pulled it apart.  No problem, just need to glue it back together.

Anyone else making anything with toilet paper tubes?
Have fun!


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