Dresser Drawers Organization

Hey Everyone!  Do you have a hard time finding your favorite shirt?  Or that tank top that you'd really like to find?  Or that lucky underwear you love?  Well today I have a great organization project that'll help you keep your dresser drawers organized so you can find everything you love to wear!

What you'll need:
  • 1/4 inch plywood
  • Adhesive Shelf Liner
  • Clear Caulk
  • Caulk Gun
  • (optional) caulk smoothing tool
  • Sander/Sandpaper
  • Jig Saw
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
After measuring my dresser drawers with my measuring tape I determined that I wanted the height to be 4 1/2 inches.  Half an inch below the actual height of the drawer.  I measured the drawer to be 12 3/4 inches wide.  For most of the drawers they would be these measurements.  Here is what I began with.

I like to wear layers of tank tops, but not being able to find the type of tank top I wanted was getting on my nerve.  First I started by purchasing my plywood, I picked Luan plywood.  Never used it before, probably won't again.  It was alright for what I was using it for, but it frayed where I cut it if that makes sense.  You might want to pick Oak or Birch for your plywood.

First you'll want to measure and draw straight lines to the size you decided on for your drawer dividers.  Mine were 4 1/2 by 12 3/4.

Cut your divider out with a jig saw.  If you haven't used one before they are super easy to use and not frightening at all like the circular saw.  As always, be careful of course!

Once your dividers are all cut out it's time to do some sanding!

Once everything is sanded it is time to put the adhesive liner on.  I chose adhesive liner over painting mostly for the ease of covering the plywood.  Also the print on the liner gives the drawer a bit of a flare.

This is the shelf liner I purchased from Dollar Tree.  It's the same liner I used for my Drawer Organization.  I grabbed 3 liners, but didn't use all of them.

To cover the divider, place the edge of your plywood divider on the edge of the adhesive back of your liner.

 Fold over the divider and smooth it out so there are not any bubbles.

Cut off the excess.

If you ever had any doubt, it's always great to have a little helper!

Ok, so maybe she wasn't so much help, but she held my liner for me while I did this.  Next it's time to "glue" your divider into your drawer.  Layout your drawer like you want it and then use your caulk and caulk gun to "glue" in your divider.  You can smooth it out with your finger or there is a caulk tool that'll do it too.

You'll notice the caulk goes on white, but it'll dry clear.  Here are my drawers after they all have been caulked and left to dry, what a mess!

Wait 24hrs for your drawers to completely dry before putting everything back in.  If you have cats you might want to close them from the room the drawers are drying in.  Cats like boxes, and they won't know the difference between your drawer drying and a box.

And that's it, fill them and you're good to go!

One idea you could use is to label with a label maker the back of the drawer.  My loving husband tends to put away most of my clothes, and the labels really help him to put things back in the right place!

Anyone else making some dividers?
Have fun!


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