Drawer Organization

Hey Everyone!  If you know me, you know how I like to organize.  Organize things from big to small.  The biggest thing for me is to deal with what I have or get it on the cheap.  You really don't need much to be organized.  This week I'm going to share with you how I have been organizing my drawers.  Today I'm going to show you my sewing desk drawer and how I simply organized it.

This is how it looked before, gross right?

It was a crazy compilation of everything a sewer/crafter needed.  And then some.  First up, I emptied the drawer.  Removed anything that I didn't intend to stay in the drawer and then placed the items into like "categories".

I wanted an area for my pencils and pens, pins, needles, measuring tapes, scissors, and my commonly used thread, black and white.

Next was time to make the containers.  I cut a couple small boxes height to be a little lower than the drawer.  For a couple of the boxes I created a divider by taping in a piece of cardboard that I had cut from the side of the box.

I covered them with some pretty shelf liner that I had from the dollar store.  Two of them I wrapped the edges over the top of the box.  One I did not.  I personally preferred wrapping the edge over the top of the box.  Otherwise you can cut the liner to stop at the top of the box.

Then it was time to refill the boxes and put everything in place.  What do you think?

My funny stickers found a new home on the bottom of the drawer to give it a little flavor. The bobbins were separated by an old vitamin container.  Everything has a place now, which may seem cliche, but is actually the truth.  When everything has a place, you know where to put it back to keep everything nice and organized!  Have a great Monday!

Anyone else been organizing drawers lately?
Have fun!


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