Vanity for My Nook

For Christmas last year my husband made me a beautiful vanity for my nook in our bedroom.  There is this outdent in our bedroom where the window in the front of the house is.  It's a weird little space but I've thought it was a great space for a vanity, mirror, chair and my jewelry chest.  I really liked this one that I had once found on pinterest, which of course I cannot find now.  Another comparison would be this one that Thistlewood Farm made... 

Mine I wanted to be a little more elegant.  He used 12inch boards and 2x4's to make my vanity.  Originally we weren't going to put any legs on it.  But then when we went to hang it up on the wall we decided to.  Not that I planned to do any table top dancing, but purely for structural purposes and to save our plaster walls from being damaged too much.  Here is what we came up with...

We stained the piece with Minwax Polyshades Espresso Satin stain.  The mirror came from Kirklands.  The lamp came from Target.  The spotlight lamp came from Walmart.  This is where I do my manicures mostly.  I have a very large nail polish collection that go on the shelves.  I love nail art.  Whenever I do my nail art manicures I roll out my 5 drawer cart with all my supplies and begin.  This vanity is absolutely great for my little nook.

Just wait until you see my next post on Friday... my chair renovation!  Anyone made any vanities lately?


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