Spring Wreath 2016

Hey Everyone!  Even before winter was even close to being done here in Utah, I was done with it!  In my mind I could push winter away and look forward to spring by making a Spring Wreath.

What you'll need is a vine wreath, tulips, greenery, floral wire, wire cutting scissors, and burlap ribbon.

I first set out by cutting off the bottom of the tulip gatherings, that way I had individual stems.  I arranged the stems along with some greenery in a half up and half down orientation.

I wrapped the middle section with floral wire and cut it with wire cutting scissors.

Then I made my ribbon bow with 4 inch wired burlap ribbon.  You can find tons of different tutorials on Pinterest on how to make a bow.  Once that is made you can attach it to your wreath with some more floral wire.  Then you can hang it on a wreath holder.  And you're done!

Pretty easy and definitely a beautiful spring wreath!  Now onto summer!

Have fun!


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