Refrigerator Organization

Hey Everyone!  To continue on with posts about our house in VA, today I'm going to talk about how we organized our refrigerator.  I really miss our refrigerator, it was the LG French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator, similar to this one here, but the older version.  I took these pictures a long time ago to help show anyone that might be interested how we decided to organize our fridge.

One of the ways that I kept my fridge organized was by getting these handled bins from Walmart for only $2.47.  I labelled mine Yogurt and Butter.  I always felt that our yogurts were going everywhere in fridge, and the sticks of butter too.  These helped corral them all into one easy pull out location.

Another way I kept my fridge organized was by putting things into categories in the bins on the doors. For example, on the top shelf in the picture down below is things we don't use often like minced garlic, or sauce packets.  Underneath that we had our jellies.  Under that is our syrups, my husband and daughter like the nasty fake stuff.  My son and I on the other hand like real Maple syrup.  Then below that in the small container is the baking liquids and any small bottle that would easily roll around and be hard to get to.  My butter flavoring, the lemon and lime juice went into this bin, and then next to that would be the vanilla extract.

On the other door was any open cream cheese or sticks of butter in the butter bin.  Underneath were our commonly used condiments, ie ketchup, mustard, ranch, parmesan, mayo, etc.  I've seen how some people will take the bin itself out of the fridge and put that on the table.  Underneath that we kept the juice and creamer.  Then under that was the less commonly used condiments.

We kept our fruits and veggies seperated into different sections.  The potatoes would go on the left, the apples in the middle along with any other small round fruit.  And then the other fruits and veggies on the right.

In the large drawer under the fruits and veggies we kept our meats and cheese.  Evidently we needed to go grocery shopping!

On the bottom was a pull out drawer for the freezer.  The bottom section was divided into two sections.  On the left we kept the pizza and bagged frozen foods.  On the right we kept water bottles frozen.  Supposibly, if you keep a few water bottles in the freezer they'll hold the coldness in the freezer, which helps your freezer to not have to expend more energy then needed, thereby saving you money!  In the little section attached to the door we keep our frozen veggies and fruits, and of course a box of thin mints!

Lastly, in the pull out drawer in the freezer we kept the ice cube tray, ice cream, and square frozen goods.

How do you organize your refrigerator?

Have fun!


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