Doll Dory Costume

Hey Everyone!  The other day I was asking Nycki if there was something she wanted us to make for her doll.  Dangerous question I know!  She said she wanted to make a Dory dress, so we came up with this design and I think it came out pretty spectacular!

We're really excited to see the movie.  We're taking Turin for the first time to the movie theater, so that should be pretty special!  We started out by making a simple skirt for the bottom piece of the dress.  I had a weird piece of fabric to work with, which was originally a scrap from our Wonder Woman costumes for Turin's 1st birthday.

After ironing, I cut the bottom section off at 31 3/4 long and 9 inches tall.  I started by pressing the top down at 5/8".  Then folding it over and pressing again to encase the elastic that'll go in it.  I pinned the band to keep it in place for sewing.

I did the same thing for the bottom but with a 3/8 inch rolled hem.

Sew at the edge of the band for the elastic and sew the hem of the skirt.

I cut a 10 inch strip of 1/4 inch elastic and started pushing the elastic into the band using a safety pin at one end.  Once it got to the end like the picture below I sewed it to secure it.

Then once it reached all the way through the other side I sewed it to secure it as well.

I put the sides together, good side to good side, pinned it in place and sewed a straight stitch.

Then I sewed the edge with a zig zag stich to prevent fraying.  This fabric is notorious for fraying!

For the top I used the free pixie faire tank top pattern.  I cut the pattern to be a half inch greater then it was originally.  I'm not the greatest sewer, so I gave myself some extra room.

I cut out the pattern and sewed it according to the directions.

When that was all done this is what we had come up with.  Pretty cute on it's own.

I made a mixture of fabric medium and paint in order paint onto the fabric.  I started out by using chalk to make the outlines so I would know where to paint.

I stuffed the outfit with paper towels to help soak up any excess paint that may seep through.  Then I began painting inside the outlines I had made.

The first coat of the yellow didn't come out very opaque.

I mixed a little bit of white into the yellow fabric paint mixture and it helped tremendously for the second coat.

Once everything was dry the next morning, I rubbed off the chalk marks and it was done!  We put it on Caroline and made a mask to go with it!

Nycki loves her Dory costume for her doll!  We can't wait to see the movie!

Stay tuned for the tutorial on how to make the mask!

Have fun!


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