Bench Upgrade

Hey Everyone!  About three years ago I made this wood box crate that I first stored blankets in our bedroom with, then it moved downstairs for a bit of cleaning when our new cat had a UTI and urinated in it.  It was cleaned and then we didn't use it for a while.

When we were getting ready to move, I was like, what am I going to do with this thing?  Our wonderful babysitter Amy (we miss her so much!) suggested making it into a bench.  Such a great idea!  We found an extra piece of plywood and cut it to size.  Then I wrapped the whole thing in some leftover egg crate from the headboard (tutorial coming soon) that I had, stapling it down with a stapler.

After I had ironed my fabric, I wrapped it around the seat and stapled it on the plywood as well.  I first stapled one of the long sides and then pulled it tight on the other side and stapled it down.  As I stapled I rolled the edge under to give it a nice clean finish.

Once the long sides were stapled, I did the short sides.  Wrapping the corners to be as smooth as possible.  Once that was done (with help), it was time for assembly.

Josh and the kids helped me put it together.  We used these cabinet hinges inside the bench.

We first screwed the hinge into the bench and then held the seat up to it and screwed that on.  We got the kids involved and had them help us once the initial screws were in.

Once it was all put together it was done.  The kids love it and I love that we now have a place to put our shoes.  It also protects our shoes and flip flops from the cats who apparently have an obsession of chewing on rubber things.  It's a great place to sit down and it also contains, which is totally great!

How are you upgrading your things?

Have fun!


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