Basement Door Frame Replacement

Hey Everyone!  I'm trying to catch up on life and the blog more specifically.  You may have noticed the blog has gotten some updates.  I'm still trying to work some things out.  HTML and I are not friends right now.  One of the things I'm trying to catch up on with the blog, is things on our house in VA.  Today I'd like to share with you how we fixed our basement door frame.

When we bought our house in VA, a termite inspection had been performed and resulted in a little bit of termite damage in the door frame to the basement.  It had been treated and we were good to go.  After 4 years we decided to replace the door frame to help the door open and close better.  We decided to custom frame the door to fit exactly like it had previously.  Here is Josh preparing himself for what we needed to do.

First up was removing the door and ripping out the existing door frame (with help of course, isn't she cute?).

The house was built in 1946.  So it's not surprising it had a little bit of termite damage.  When we uncovered the first layer of frame we found the real damage to the door frame lay underneath.  In between the cement was a piece of 1x2 that at the bottom had been eaten previously by them little buggers.  You can see here how it just crumbled as Josh chipped away at it.

We replaced the 1x2 in between the cement, nailing it in with our power nail gun.  Then we installed 1x6 boards on top of that and then 1x4s on that for the door stopper.  We checked the door would fit and thankfully it did. We proceeded the install with chipping out the notches for the hinges on one side and the door locking mechanism on the other side.

I caulked the edges to give it a clean look and a good seal to prevent any airflow.

After the caulk dried I painted the whole frame white.  Unfortunately I do not have post images because we've moved to Utah now. But if you can imagine, it was painted white and door weatherstripping was put around the edges on the inside of the door stop to prevent airflow.  It was an easy project with a great outcome.

I had hoped to take down the blinds, spray the window with frost, and then paint the door a light blue.  But maybe the next homeowners will do that.

What easy projects have you been up to lately?

Have fun!


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