Master Bedroom in Apartment

Hey Everyone!  Since I was featuring the kids rooms, I thought I might share our bedroom and how we've made it work for us in this tiny apartment.  In our house we used to have my large dresser and two tall dressers.  We also had our bed and the chair that I reupholstered.  Nycki has had our chair in her room in this apartment, since that's the only room that had space for it.  One of the tall dressers has had to go into storage. So with the tight space we've been making do with what we have and only keeping what is necessary.

When you first walk in the room you'll see our two dressers right in front of you.  These are the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser by ikea, and the Hemnes 6-drawer chest by ikea.  Both are in the color "white", but personally I feel they're more of an off-white color.  They also have a white stain color, but that reminds me of a more white washed look (NOT sponsored by Ikea btw, just love them!).

Josh's dresser holds the printer.  It's up high so that the kids are not constantly getting their stingy little cute hands on a thousand sheets of paper.  On top of my dresser is my sewing machine.  It's very large, so having it there seemed like the best place.  Any projects I might be working on are also on the top of my dresser as well.  On the right of my dresser is my Silhouette Portrait and my old computer that I use for it.

On the opposite side of the room is our bed.  We decided to put the bed on this side because it would feel more normal to have the bed here, and it would prevent the person who is sleeping from being woken up by a light from the bathroom.

On Josh's side of the bed he has the charging station where we charge most everything.  He has my old lamp from my vanity.  When we move we'll determine what matching lamps we want to get for our new room.  A basket underneath holds our lotions and a trash can in front.

Next to Josh's side of the bed in the space between his nightstand and the headboard is the Rummy board/tray that I made for him for Christmas.  For some reason we like to play Rummy in bed, so having this tray has made it a whole lot easier for keeping the cards together.

On my side of the bed on my nightstand is our scentsy warmer, my watch and charger, my egg holder that I use to hold my jewelry, and my favorite lotion of the time.  Underneath is my bible and a few books (most are in storage).  On the very bottom is my keepsake box with a lot of little love notes from Josh (so sweet!).

Stay tuned for some more organization, including closet organization, bathroom organization, crafting, spring wreaths, and a Star Wars Party!

Have fun!


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