BB8 Lantern

Hey Everyone!  My son is a Star Wars fan.  Josh and I too, Nycki maybe not so much (she's more into Barbies and Disney Princesses).  When we were getting ready to have our Star Wars party I was browsing through Pinterest and found this pin for a BB8 lantern.  As with all the other boys out there, my son is obsessed with C3PO, R2D2, and now BB8.

I found my paper lanterns for about $5 at Hobby Lobby.

The website I got my inspiration from used tape to make the markings on BB8, but I didn't have the tape, and I wanted to make this as low cost for me as possible, so I used regular crayola markers!

I used the sections on the lantern to divide the lantern into fourths and then I started free hand drawing.  The pattern on the website for me wasn't very clear.  I ended up printing and cutting out a 3D BB8 in order to see more accurately what BB8's markings were.  Is it 100% accurate?  No, absolutely not.  But can you tell that it's BB8, yes of course!

Once the two sections were drawn on and dry.  I put the two halves together using a little bit of pipe cleaner.

I used string to hang up the top.  I hung it from the vertical blinds in the living room for the party.  After the party, BB8 relocated to Turin's room attached to his blinds. What's cooler then seeing BB8 every morning when you wake up?

What else can you make with a lantern?

Have fun!


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