We're in Utah!

Hey Everyone!  Hope you've had a great holiday!  We've been super busy with the transition and having the holidays ourselves.  The last time I had shared with you we had finished the kitchen, now we're setting up in Utah.  The beginning of December we left our first home and took a major trip across the country to this very different state.

Somehow we were able to pack everything into a 26 foot uhaul, a car on a dolly, and my vehicle.   We traveled about 2000 miles across the country.  It was quite the trip but thankfully the kids were able to fly over with the grandparents after we got settled.  The cats traveled with me in my vehicle.  Kylie cried for the first three hours and then after that she calmed down thankfully!

We arrived three days later and unpacked the truck the first night.  That's when we were saying "what were we thinking?"

We cannot wait to hopefully sell our house in VA, and then start looking in the summer for a new bigger place then this rental unit.  I can't wait to show you some of the things I've worked on for Christmas.  We've just enjoyed Christmas and will soon be putting things into a normal order soon. And hopefully in the meantime one of the 12 places I've applied to will offer me a job.  Have a great holiday!

Have fun!
Happy Holidays!


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