Kitchen Renovation: The Reveal and BIG news!

Hey Everyone!  We've been super busy lately, and we've got BIG news!  First, lets start with the reveal.  We've been working extremely hard to get the kitchen finished.  It was finished last night at about 8pm!  We've not had a completed kitchen for about 2 months.  It's been really bad, no lie!  The first month was the hardest without a sink.  Washing the dishes in the tub was awful!  Lets take a stroll down memory lane.  Here are some before shots.

It was so dark!  Not our style either.  We began the renovation on October 12th when we demo-ed the tile and the counter.  We had an electric company come and install three new outlets and the light above the sink.  We replaced the drywall.  Installed a ship lap backsplash.  Installed a wood countertop.  Installed a new sink and faucet.  Cut off the overlays on the doors and installed new hardware.  And here it is!

Here is the hutch in all it's glory.  First we sanded the whole thing, then we installed crown moulding at the top to balance out the piece.  We painted the inside to match the cabinets, and gray on the outside to match the cabinets as well.  The countertop for the hutch had been stripped and sanded down to match the countertop we were installing.  If you can see it's imperfection, leave a comment below.

The light above the sink brings in a lot of light.  It's a great light for at night to be on alone.  I love the nautical look of it.

The sink is amazing!  The sink bowls are very deep and the faucet is great!  Having the spray handle in the faucet makes it super easy to clean things up! 

The counter is amazing!  We used Minwax Dark Walnut for the stain.  Then we covered the countertop with 2 coats of Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane.  It's been great.  The polyurethane repels the water and gives the room the rustic nautical look we were going for.

The cabinet that needed the most help was to the left of the dishwasher.  We strengthened the walls by installing 3/4 inch plywood on the side and in the middle.  We installed dividers and slides and built drawers for all of the cabinets..  All the drawers in the kitchen were in rough condition, but now they're new and look great!

The cabinet on the right I installed an adjustable shelf. The shelf can move up or down based on what the needs are at the time.  The new cabinet I built next to the stove (pictured on the right) has really increased cabinet space that wasn't there before.

 How about a before and after, shall we?



So much better!  We love it, but we've got BIG news!  We're moving!  It's bittersweet, we've made some really great friends here. We've made our house our own.  But we've been given a huge opportunity if we'll just live on faith, take a risk, and make a change.  Josh has accepted his dream job and hopefully I'll have one of my own soon.  We've listed our home for sale, we've started packing, and we're getting ready to start a new life.  Be prepared for topics involving moving and our journey to the west side of the country!

What do you think of this renovation? It's sad we'll be leaving such a great kitchen, but hopefully the next homeowners love it as much as we do!

Have fun!


  1. LOVE the "New" kitchen!! BEST of luck on your move and Josh with his new job. You WILL be missed Echo Marie!!


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