Kitchen Renovation: Latest Update

Hey Everyone!  We've been super busy working on this kitchen desperately trying to get it done.  This will be a quick update, because I want to save all the great juicy details for the reveal.  We still have a bit of work to do involved with the details, and we'll get there hopefully soon.  My goal is by Nycki's birthday.  But hopefully sooner!  But big news is that we have a sink again!  Hooray!

The hutch has crown molding and is coming along.  It's having an issue with staining, so it's gotten 2 coats of polycrylic and will get two more coats of paint.  The never ending paint job.

I've started to move things back into the cupboards and I'm determining how I want to organize everything.

The light above the sink has been installed, it puts out so much light!

The new cabinet I made has been installed and painted.  The counter for it has been cut, sanded and stained, now it just needs polyurethaned with the varathane triple thick and then sit for 7 days.

I'm still painting the hutch, need to do a little painting on the new drawer dividers and slides.  A second coat of paint on the pantry door and basement door.  I've ordered the hinges, so we're just waiting for things to come in.  The doors and the drawers are the biggest thing.  We'll hopefully get a lot done on Saturday.

In the meantime while I'm finishing up these things, I need to make a tooth fairy case.  My precious little girl is about to lose her first tooth!

Have fun!


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