Halloween Mesh Wreath

Hey Everyone!  While we wait for the polyurethane to dry in the kitchen I decided to make a halloween wreath.  I've seen tutorials to make mesh wreaths, but had not tried them yet.  Well, they're really easy, you'll have no problems making them.  I found my wreath form for $1 at the dollar store.  I also found white mesh ribbon, some halloween flowers, and a glitter skull.

You can find tutorials for mesh wreaths here or here.  I spray painted the wreath form silver.  Then I followed tutorials and covered 2/3rds of the wreath in white mesh.  I took the halloween flowers and removed them from the stems and started gluing them to the wreath form.

I finished gluing on the flowers except for a small section and then glued on the glitter skull.  The one thing I wish I had done differently was glued on the skull facing more upwards.  But it's still pretty cute and only cost me $7 from the dollar store.  What do you think?

 The glitter skull even has lights inside that glow different colors!

I can't wait to make some more, oh the options are endless!

Have fun!


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