Kitchen Renovation: Progress Update

Hey Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  We're still chugging a long on the kitchen as much as we can while we wait for the electric to come next week.  This weekend we get to tackle the demo of the kitchen and we'll really start seeing some progress then!  Saturday Josh cut off the overlay from the doors.

On Sunday Josh did the initial sanding on the doors while I did some more stripping on some of them.  In the beginning I was stripping two doors, one side, at a time in 45 minutes.  Now I'm doing three doors, one side, in an hour.  I've just got one side left on three more doors and I'm done stripping, yay!

On Monday we got a surprise visit from Lowes.  We got our new stove!  It's a stainless steel LG, five element electric range.  We didn't think it was coming until Tuesday because of the holiday, but they called and said they were coming!

It's amazing how different the kitchen looks with this new stove already!  The flat top will take some getting used to, but it's so nice to have the pans flat when cooking!

One of the interesting parts about this stove is that the interior is blue!  From what I understand it's supposed to help you to see inside when the light is turned on.  The picture shows it a brighter blue than it is, but it definitely is bright!

The drawer underneath got the old stove's liner that matches the fridge.

Think about us this weekend, we'll be making progress.  Slow progress is some progress. We'll get there.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Have fun!


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