Kitchen Renovation: Demo and Drywall

Hey Everyone!  It was  a tremendously busy weekend here.  I worked an OT day on Saturday and then came home to pre-cook and freeze two meals.  Then pack up the kitchen for demo on Sunday. I can't imagine moving our whole house somewhere else, that'd be crazy!  When we got to a stopping point we went to Lowes to utilize their deal for mail-in-rebates on their paint.  We saved $40!

On Sunday we began demo after church.  We had a friend of ours come over to watch the kids, which helped greatly!  If you know my husband he doesn't really like the process, but loves the outcome.  While I am sure he will love the outcome of this process, I know inwardly right now he's cringing.  Here's a good example...

It's the face of love right there.  He wasn't very happy that day, but we made it through.  We had a bit of a hard time with the sink coming out.  But after a bit of yanking it finally came free.

After 4 hours of demo we were done!  It was exhausting!!!  We watched some football and called it a night.  Today our local electric company, Shively Electric, came and did the electric.  They placed a fixture for a light above the sink.  We found out the drywall is double thick up there for some reason, not quite sure why.  When I went to patch it I had to put two layers of drywall up.

They moved the original wiring to the one outlet to the basement and gave me an outlet in the basement, thanks Shively!  Then they placed one outlet to the left that'll be hidden by the coffee pot.  Then one to the left of the sink and one to the right of the sink that has the switch for the light above the sink.  After I got home from work today I got straight to work on installing the drywall.

The section on the left was giving me a bit of trouble, but then Josh dropped by the house and helped me.  Some of the bottom edge wasn't level and was catching on the bottom of the drywall.  Now all the drywall is up and it's time to putty.

The putty on the back wall doesn't matter as much because it'll be covered by the ship lap.  The sides do matter and are going to take a couple layers of putty to get smooth. The old plaster walls are a little bit thicker then our new drywall.  It'll look great in the end, hopefully!

Have fun!


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