Kitchen Renovation: Progress and More Plans

Hey Everyone!  I feel bad for Josh.  It seems like everyday I'm calling Josh and asking him to do something else to the kitchen.  Yesterday it was the inset doors, today it's the painting of the ceiling.  One of the recent updates to the plans is adding cabinet rollouts to one of our cabinets.  The cabinets to the left of the dishwasher will get 4 rollout drawers that will help in accessing the things in this cabinet.  I'm looking to build some like these.

Add Interior Drawers to Kitchen Cabinets |

We decided that we're going to bend the backsplash plate and put the bottom half behind the stove. This will ensure that the ship lap will stay safe.  We'll caulk the edges so no moisture gets behind the backsplash plate or ship lap.  Right now it's looking like we haven't done much.  Some doors are downstairs being stripped and prepped for sanding.

The hutch's counter has been stripped and needs to get sanded, so I've folded an old sheet and put it on the counter so we could continue to use it until we really get going on the renovation.  We've removed the doors and drawer so we could start working on them.

We still need to decide on cabinet color, which one do you think?  Leave a comment below!

One of our plans is to make the cabinet doors into inset doors.  Right now they have a 1/2 inch overlay.  I want to get rid of the overlay and trim it down to be inset doors. It'll be more like shaker style that we want, but save us lots of money.  We're borrowing dad's table saw and that'll help us create this look and rebuild the drawers.  We're going to have to check and see if we're going to have to rebuild all of them, since we're changing the look of the doors.  This is what we're going for.

Vogue 3"

Also as I mentioned above we're looking at painting the ceiling as well. Right now they're off white, to match the original color of the kitchen.  It'd look funny to have off white ceilings with white ship lap.  Before anything can really get going we need to finish getting quotes from some electricians.  We want to install two more electrical outlets and a light above the sink.  The light it probably going to be the trickiest, but we'll see.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Have fun!


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